Specimen Plants

Modern trends in gardening lean more towards instant gardens and at Botany Bay you can create the mature finished look in as little as a weekend!

We stock a range of plants suitable for most situations.

Architectural plants are an important part of any garden and will instantly change the look and feel of the space and for this we offer specimens like multi-stemmed silver birch. Our range of acers and bamboos would be perfect to give an oriental feel to a water garden, whilst a Mediterranean garden could be achieved using our range of cupressus conifers, olive and bay trees specimens.

If you need plants for screening, we stock large bamboos, photinia Red Robin, laurels and leylandii conifer.

Many of our larger specimens come from growers around the UK and Europe, however at Botany Bay we do offer a range of home grown plants grown in 10-20 litre pots that retail at a very reasonable price. Varieties include acers, callicarpa profusion, camellias, elaeagnus, hamamellis, phormiums, pieris, pittosporums and magnolias.