Perennials & Alpines



Perennials are plants that grow and bloom over the spring and summer months, then die back over the autumn and winter to re-emerge the following spring.

Perennials can provide a wonderful base for garden borders and beds, as they are treasured for their ability to flower, spread and multiply year after year. Perennials can be planted in small groups for impact and can be mixed with grasses, ferns, shrubs, bulbs and annuals to create endless variations and effects. They also provide vibrant colour, texture and height and are easy to grow.



Alpines are probably best known as rockery plants, and originate as wild flowers from the mountainous regions around the world.

They are adaptable and will flourish in gravel gardens, rockeries, stone troughs and other containers like the old kitchen sink! In the right situation alpines are easy to grow and need little attention other than regular weeding. In container form, they are perfect for small gardens. Alpines are loved by so many for their form and beauty as they put on a great show, yet are low maintenance plants with drought tolerant properties.

At Botany Bay we offer the widest range in the spring and summer but a good range is available throughout the year. We also offer alpine grit and lightweight stone planters that look very authentic and natural.