Garden Care

We have a comprehensive range of garden care products for every gardening job.

Pots and Containers

Pots and containers are a valuable asset for any garden, but especially small gardens, patios and balconies, allowing you to create an illusion of space and tranquillity in a limited space.   

We have a fantastic selection of pots and containers in frost-proof stoneware, plastic and wood, in a range of shapes, colours and sizes to suit every space and every budget.

Tools & Accessories

Garden Tools
Whatever the garden task we have the tools and equipment for it. Choose from a wide range of high quality and durable items, including bypass, general purpose and anvil loppers, shears, turbo saws, edging irons, dutch hoes, patio weeders, secateurs, potting trowels, hand forks, kneelers, pot tampers, spades and forks.   
Gardening Gloves
Choose from a lightweight glove for weeding or a thick suede glove for keeping thorny bushes at bay. We offer gloves in all sizes, for ladies, gents and children. We also stock a variety of kneeling pads, toolbags and belts.


If you want to achieve the best results you have to make sure that you are using the right compost for the type of plants you are growing.   

For general use with most plants and trees, a good quality multi-purpose compost will produce great results, whether it is in the ground or in containers.   

There are some plants, however, that need a speciality compost to grow well, as they require a specific level of acidity in the soil. 

Ericaceous compost provides the correct acidity for the following acid loving plants:   azaleas rhododendrons blueberries camellias, pieris, heathers, acers and magnolias will benefit from a mix of ericaceous compost with a good multi-purpose compost.    

When laying new lawns or planting in newly-built raised borders where there is little to no natural soil, use top soil to give the plants a good basis for growing in. 

In the garden centre we offer many different types of compost to suit your requirements. 

Propagation and Plant Supports

Many gardeners say that propagation is the most rewarding aspect of gardening and we want to do everything we can to help enhance your gardening success. 

For children there is no better way of teaching about how plants grow and seeing their joy and sense of achievement than when they raise a plant from a seed or cutting. 

We offer an extensive range of propagation products from heated propagators and growing pots to seed trays, cloches and portable greenhouses.     

Plant Supports
Obelisks are unbeatable for growing a wide range of climbing plants such as sweet peas, roses and clematis, creating instant and lasting impact. 

Our comprehensive range of obelisks are perfect for adding character and style to any garden, large or small. We have contemporary metal obelisks are great centrepieces to modern or cottage gardens.  

We also have a large selection of trellising and push-in plants supports.

Lawn Care

The lawn represents the very heart of the garden and the soft green hues of grass draw together every aspect of the overall garden design, complimenting the borders and providing the perfect foil for trees, shrubs and other garden plants. 

We stock an excellent range of lawn products from different types of grass seed and Aftercut conditioner to combined lawn feed, weed and moss killer products.

Water Management

Our water management section doesn't just rely on the possibility of a famous British summer providing us with some sunshine. 

Our shelves are kitted out for all sorts of weekend jobs, with hosepipes and watering guns for washing the family car or for filling the garden pond. 

We also have watering cans for the planted containers around the patio and are even geared up with water butts to catch our legendary summer rain!

Fertilizers and Chemicals

Slug Control
Slugs can cause a lot of damage; they can climb to considerable heights and are most active after dark or in wet weather. We offer a variety of solutions, including non-chemical control products such as slug traps. 

Plant Feeds
Choose from an extensive range of plant feeds for most types of plants and offer all purpose as well as specific plant feed. Soluble or liquid feeds are available from various brand names and for the gardener who likes the simple and convenient way they can choose feeds in a sachet format. Fruit and vegetable plant food is also available. 

Itís an essential part of the kit for everyone who wants to grow their own and for the wholesome vegetable plots we offer organic feed choices too. 

Insect & Bug Control
We stock bug killers that control a large number of difficult pests and provide long-term protection from pests such as aphids, lily beetle, wooly aphid, whitefly, mealy bug, scale insects, thrips and red spider mite. 

We also stock specialist treatments for more problematic bugs like vine weevil and leather jackets. 

For fruit and vegetable gardening we carry fast-acting natural insecticides. 

Weed Control
Weeds are the bane of gardeners' lives for certain. We stock a wide selection of weed killers from trusted brands that deliver great results, some with visible results within a short amount of time. Most of the weed killers we stock are available in either a convenient, easy to use spray action or as a concentrate thatís mixed with water for larger areas of ground. 

We also offer products for driveways and patios, such as Pathclear, that are formulated for not only killing visible weeds but also laying in wait for weeds that are just starting to germinate. 

Occasionally plants will suffer from disease, many of which are easy to treat. We carry a selection of fungicides that have the ability to treat rust, mildew, black spot, blight, or scab. Armed with a handheld pressure spray and a bottle of fungicide, you can strengthen and protect your garden all year-round.