Plug Plants

A plug plant is a general term for seedlings or rooted cuttings that have been started in trays of individual cells.†

We grow many different varieties of hanging basket and bedding plug plants, propagated here on the nursery from seeds or cuttings.†

Plug plants are available in the garden centre from around March. ††

In order to give your plug plants the best possible start we suggest that you follow these simple instructions:†

  • Lightly water your plants with a watering can and rose or stand the plants up in 1cm of water and leave for 2 minutes.†
  • Plug plants should be potted on into pots in a greenhouse to increase their size before being planted out in the garden.†
  • Plug plants can be directly planted into a hanging basket but it should be kept in a greenhouse until the plants have well rooted and the frost risk has passed.†
  • It's important to remember, donít plant summer flowering plants outside until the risk of frost has completely passed.