How to Grow Hyacinths



A bowl full of hyacinths is such a delight to see and they are really easy to grow.

Follow our step by step guide to create your own bowl full of colour!


  • Pop along to Botany Bay around August-September and select your bulbs from our bags or loose selection. Make sure not to touch the bulbs if you have sensitive skin, as they can cause irritation to some people. Use the scoop and bags provided and wear gloves when you are handling them at home. 

  • Find a nice shallow bowl or container with drainage holes in the bottom.

  • Use a good bulb fibre (available at Botany Bay) and place a 2-inch layer into the bottom of your pot. Moisten it and pat it down.

  • Press your bulbs into the fibre with the pointy end upwards, then add more fibre so that just the tops are poking out, don't plant them too deep. Plant them about 7cm apart.

  • Water them in so the bulb fibre is nice and moist. Then pop them in a cool, dark place such as a garage shelf or your garden shed. This allows the bulbs to develop. 

  • Water occasionally if the compost feels dry and wait for the shoots to appear. It takes a while for hyacinth bulbs to grow roots, so be patient. 

  • When the shoots are about 3cm high, move them to a warmer room and water them a little each day. Wait for them to flower!

  • Once they start to flower, if you move them to a bright, cool spot they will have a longer flowering time.