Growing Guide - Potatoes


There’s nothing more satisfying than eating food that you’ve grown yourself.

Potatoes are easy to grow and you don’t need an allotment or a large garden. A small veg patch will do, you can even grow them in bags or containers on your patio.

Start with seed potatoes, these are specially developed for growing. 



With first earlies, for best results we would recommend ‘chitting’.

In January, arrange your tubers in egg boxes or trays with the eyes pointing upwards and put them in a cool bright spot.

When the shoots are about an inch long, rub away other spare shoots from the potato.


Planting in the ground

The best location will be bright with well-drained soil.

Dig out a v-shaped trench about 13cm deep. Place your tubers along the bottom about 30cm apart with the shoots pointing upwards, then replace the soil.

When the shoots show above the surface, draw the soil up around them so only the tips are showing to encourage a bigger crop. 


In bags or containers

We recommend a mix of a good multi-purpose compost with John Innes No. 3.

Half-fill the bag or container then place the tubers pointing upwards 20cm apart.

Cover with another 10cm of compost mix.

As the shoots emerge, top up the compost to within 5 cm of the top of the bag or container. Keep it cool and be careful not to let the compost dry out.

If there is frost around, keep the shoots covered with soil to protect them.



First earlies can be harvested in May/June.

Second earlies can be harvested from June to September.

Main crop potatoes can be harvested from September.