Growing Guide - Hanging Baskets

Caring for Your Basket

A Hanging Basket is a real sign of summer and gives so much pleasure. There are a few top tips from Jenny to ensure that your basket looks as good as it possibly can right through the summer.



Watering depends on the weather. You may need to water up to 3 times a day with a litre or more of water on particularly hot days.

Pop your hand underneath your basket and lift it up to check the weight of it. You will soon get a good feel for when it is dry and needs a drink, compared to when it is wet.

Even on dull and wet days your basket may still need watering. If it accidentally dries out, you can soak the whole basket in a large container or bucket of water for a little while to rehydrate it.


This is important as there isn't much soil in a hanging basket and the plants will soon use up the nutrients.

Feed once a week to ten days with a good plant food such as MiracleGro or Vitax Q4 containing N P K, which is nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

It is best to feed your basket when the soil is already moist as this will help the feed be absorbed thoroughly. 

Dead Heading

Dead heading encourages the plants to continue flowering through the season. Take off all dead flowers as you see them.


Pruning back can generate new growth and can stop one plant overgrowing and covering the whole basket. Do not be afraid to cut longer plants back if you think they are ruining the shape or balance of your basket.