Fertilisers & Chemicals

Slug Control

Slugs can cause a lot of damage; they can climb to considerable heights and are most active after dark or in wet weather. We offer a variety of reasonably priced products, from Slug Clear and Slug Rid, as well as offering non-chemical control products such as slug traps.

Plant Feeds

Choose from an extensive range of plant feeds for most types of plants and offer all purpose as well as specific plant feed. Soluble or liquid feeds are available from various brand names and for the gardener who likes the simple and convenient way they can choose feeds in a sachet format. Fruit and vegetable plant food is also available. It’s an essential part of the kit for everyone who wants to grow their own and for the wholesome vegetable plots we offer organic feed choices too.

Insect & Bug Control

We stock bug killers that control a large number of difficult pests and provide long-term protection for plants. Provado bug killer provides up to 8 weeks control of aphids, lily beetle, wooly aphid, whitefly, mealy bug, scale insects, thrips and red spider mite. We also stock specialist treatments for more problematic bugs like vine weevil and leather jackets. For fruit and vegetable gardening we carry fast-acting natural insecticides.

Weed Control

Weeds are the bane of gardeners' lives for certain. We stock a wide selection of weed killers from trusted brands that deliver great results, some with visible results within a short amount of time. Most of the weed killers we stock are available in either a convenient, easy to use spray action or as a concentrate that’s mixed with water for larger areas of ground.

SBK and Bayer Ground Clear have tough weed killing formula that is ideal for tackling the most aggressive of weeds, penetrating the plant faster and reaching the root system very quickly. We also offer products for driveways and patios, such as Pathclear, that are formulated for not only killing visible weeds but also laying in wait for weeds that are just starting to germinate.


Occasionally plants will suffer from disease, many of which are easy to treat. We carry a basic selection of fungicides that have the ability to treat rust, mildew, black spot, blight, or scab. Armed with a handheld pressure spray and a bottle of fungicide, you can strengthen and protect your garden all year-round.