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Propagation and Plant Supports


Many gardeners say that propagation is the most rewarding aspect of gardening and with grow your own still a popular trend, we want to do everything we can to help enhance your gardening success.

For children there is no better way of teaching them about how plants grow and seeing their joy and sense of achievement when they raise a plant from a seed or cutting. We offer an extensive range of propagation products from heated propagators and growing pots to seed trays and cloches.  


Plant Supports

The Gard 'n' Grow Frame System allows long stemmed perennial plants to grow up through it. All frames and leg sizes are interchangeable, it is easy to assemble and unobtrusive when in use. The round conical system is easily moveable around the garden and can be used for a variety of perennials or tall-stemmed annuals.

Our comprehensive range of obelisks are perfect for adding character and style to any garden, large or small. Our contemporary metal obelisks are great centrepieces to modern or cottage gardens. Obelisks are unbeatable for growing a wide range of climbing plants such as sweet peas, roses and clematis, creating instant and lasting impact.

Our Grow-Bag Cane Frame system is very popular for growing a range of plants in the greenhouse or on the patio. It fits all standard grow-bags while its cantilever action ensures it holds canes of all diameters and types firmly and with no risk of ripening crops falling over. Gardeners will also appreciate its ease and quickness of use.