Exciting March Plants!

The plants below have outstanding features at this time of year. It may be they’re have berries or are scented or have pretty flower or leaf colour. These plants are usually available at Botany Bay Nurseries & Garden Centre:

Anemone Blanda flowers
Aubretia flowers
Camellia’s flowers
Chaenomeles Quince flowers
Cornus Mas flowers
Corylopsis flowers
Acacia dealbata flowers
Cyclamen Coum
Daphne Odora flowers & scent
Erica (winter flowering Heather) flowers
Forsythia (flowers)
Garrya Elliptica catkins
Hamamellis (Witch Hazel) flowers & scent
Helleborus flowers
Jasmine Nudiflorum flowers
Lonicera Fragrantissima flowers & scent
Mahonia Japonica flowers
Pachysandra Terminalis flowers
Polyanthus (flowers)
Primroses flowers
Prunus Autumnalis flowers
Prunus Kojo-No-Mae flowers
Rhododendrons flowers
Salix Kilmarnock Willow (flowers)
Sarcococca scent
Snowdrops flowers
Tete tete narcissi flowers
Viburnum Bodnantensis flowers
Viburnum Tinus flowers